The first step of strategy is the future vision of the company or organisation. Which goals are aimed? What does it need today? and how can we build it? Today's fast change is a necessary custom to stay in market. 

Some factors to get a profund strategy:

  • broad support of the strategy in the organisation
  • Adaptation to new circumstances or environmental changes are possible
  • The right person at the right place to implement the strategy 
  • A few powerfull key figures

When it comes to the integrated view of a company's strategy in implementation in the HR system, I'm the ideal partner. I support and work together in partnership with your new concepts and strategies. I will assist the launch and implementation of the strategy in your company.

HR Strategy

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 Top100 Trainer Siegel  siegel top100 trainers exc
Deutsches Rednerlexikon Siegel 2015
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This goal achieving only a few speakers!

Daniel Hasenfratz is now one of the Top 100 of the best speakers in the German-speaking countries.
Many want to belong, but only a few are selected in the circle of the top 100 Excellent Speakers: Daniel Hasenfratz is since 2015 among them. A few days ago the entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker was informed that he is still part of the best speakers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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